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Daily Challenge 1 - Eyes by Max-F1 Daily Challenge 1 - Eyes :iconmax-f1:Max-F1 0 0 Companionship by Max-F1 Companionship :iconmax-f1:Max-F1 3 3 CATBUG by Max-F1 CATBUG :iconmax-f1:Max-F1 66 6 When Life gives you Lemons copy by Max-F1 When Life gives you Lemons copy :iconmax-f1:Max-F1 3 1 Paopu Fruits by Max-F1 Paopu Fruits :iconmax-f1:Max-F1 5 29 The Cutie Mark Crusaders by Max-F1 The Cutie Mark Crusaders :iconmax-f1:Max-F1 3 25 Creeper Plushie by Max-F1 Creeper Plushie :iconmax-f1:Max-F1 2 9 Gun vs the Sword by Max-F1 Gun vs the Sword :iconmax-f1:Max-F1 3 6 Filly Faust by Max-F1 Filly Faust :iconmax-f1:Max-F1 112 27
What If.
A passing stranger on a train,
whose face seems to stick in your mind.  
Blonde, with eyes that told a story.  
Exactly what story remains unknown,
probably never to be discovered.  
A single moment captured.  
Can that ever be enough?  
One's life story shared at a glance.  
For once, you do not see your own life
flash before your eyes,
but that of another.  
A life that could have been,
one that you created.  
Blowing out the candles of a birthday cake
outside in the afternoon sun as a child,
running in a field of green with her first love.  
It is never enough.  
To truly understand,
you must become one.  
All your memories,
all your faults,
your triumphs.
That blonde woman on the train
Perched atop the ledge of a 22-story building.
On the local news.
An orchestra of "don't jump"
Rings out from the street below.
Certain death awaits,
Wind rushes up from below, and all become
:iconmax-f1:Max-F1 0 2
Reading Rainbow by Max-F1 Reading Rainbow :iconmax-f1:Max-F1 31 54 My Little Ostrich by Max-F1 My Little Ostrich :iconmax-f1:Max-F1 5 13 Distracted by Max-F1 Distracted :iconmax-f1:Max-F1 47 27 She Can SEE by Max-F1 She Can SEE :iconmax-f1:Max-F1 52 11
The Tainted Heart
The tainted heart,
The poor one's soul,
Tearing Apart,
Yet still remains whole.
The frost bitten night,
Fighting back dawn.
Filled with Fright.
All feeling is gone.
:iconmax-f1:Max-F1 0 4
Air Support by Max-F1 Air Support :iconmax-f1:Max-F1 57 70


Holiday Card Project Stamp by Heidi Holiday Card Project Stamp :iconheidi:Heidi 2,776 399 Celestia by Indiron Celestia :iconindiron:Indiron 8,048 867 A near future by merl1ncz A near future :iconmerl1ncz:merl1ncz 9,148 444 Green by geryri Green :icongeryri:geryri 2,168 166 Bioshock Infinite- Will the Circle Be Unbroken by WieldstheKey Bioshock Infinite- Will the Circle Be Unbroken :iconwieldsthekey:WieldstheKey 3,106 300 Sweetie Belle's Drawing by zuckerschnuti Sweetie Belle's Drawing :iconzuckerschnuti:zuckerschnuti 554 123 Shed.MOV Fluttershy cosplay by Tenori-Tiger Shed.MOV Fluttershy cosplay :icontenori-tiger:Tenori-Tiger 1,755 187 Twilight Sparkle in Canterlot by Raikoh-illust Twilight Sparkle in Canterlot :iconraikoh-illust:Raikoh-illust 3,426 296 Pocket Knife with Olivewood Handle by xofox Pocket Knife with Olivewood Handle :iconxofox:xofox 15 10 Heart Felt Request by Toxic-Mario Heart Felt Request :icontoxic-mario:Toxic-Mario 942 295 Alicorn Princess Twilight [CFV Custom Card] by YandolsZX Alicorn Princess Twilight [CFV Custom Card] :iconyandolszx:YandolsZX 55 13 Unexpected influence by Almaska Unexpected influence :iconalmaska:Almaska 1,168 221 Alicorn Void by Vanderlyle Alicorn Void :iconvanderlyle:Vanderlyle 1,422 280 Vanellope von Schweetz: The Glitch by AnyaPanda Vanellope von Schweetz: The Glitch :iconanyapanda:AnyaPanda 423 197 the exchange of flowers-color by begemott the exchange of flowers-color :iconbegemott:begemott 8,294 768


I know I haven't updated this profile in almost a year, but I guess I have to let the one watcher I have left know that I haven't died.  I plan on updating with the things I've been working on in the near future, as in probably this week.  KawaiiKon is around the corner again (This weekend) and I feel more relaxed about this one than I have with any previous.  I'm only going to be cosplaying for one day (if even) so I may post some of that as well.  I still make art otherwise, mostly at work with my kids, I just never have the time or feel the need to post it, what with going to a new school and working every day.  Anyway, most of the time I'm open for commissions, note me I guess.  I tend not to charge too much for those because I tend to be kind of slow. Kdenbai

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